Our Process

Since our founding, we have run our events with the same basic principles. Our strong relationships with venues allow for a diverse and unique offering of events to help you find the best customers for your products and services. Take a look at our process below to learn more about how we provide value for our vendor network:

1. Find your event

Visit our online calendar (after registering if you’re new), or contact us to join our email list to get announcements of new shows first.

2. Register

Reply to the announcements or email us to reserve a spot at our show(s). Please note you MUST receive a confirmation email from us to reserve a spot – we do not offer online signups due to the personalized nature of our service. 

3. Confirmation

We respond to requests with a confirmation if there is space available. If space is not available, we will add you to our wait lists.

4. Logistics

Several weeks before the event, detailed logistics and the invoice are sent out.

5. The Event!

Come ready to actively engage prospective customers as they visit our vendors at the event.

6. Lead Reporting

Shortly after the event, leads are compiled and emailed to you,

Please Note: You must register to view our calendar using your company email address. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for more information.

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